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Boats Alumina Crucibles – Sizes

ImageVolumeSizesThicknessCoversPackagePricePart NoBuy
(LBR5) Boat Alumina Round Bottom, 5ml, 40x25x17mm5ml40x25x17mm3mmNo5pcs/pk$28.00LBR5
(LBR7) Boat Alumina Round Bottom, 7ml, 100x20x20mm7ml100x20x20mm3mmNo5pcs/pk$53.00LBR7
(LBR9) Boat Alumina Round Bottom, 9ml, 65x25x16mm9ml65x25x16mm3mmNo5pcs/pk$37.00LBR9
(LBR9-2) Boat Alumina Round Bottom, 9ml, 100x20x15mm9ml100x20x15mm2mmNo5pcs/pk$47.00LBR9-2
(LBR9-5) Boat Alumina Round Bottom, 9.5ml, 38x34x19mm9.5ml38x34x19mm3mmNo5pcs/pk$30.00LBR9-5
(LBR12) Boat Alumina Round Bottom, 12ml, 40x35x25mm12ml40x35x25mm3mmNo5pcs/pk$33.00LBR12
(LBR17) Boat Alumina Round Bottom, 17ml, 55x35x22mm17ml55x35x22mm3mmNo5pcs/pk$37.00LBR17
(LBR18) Boat Alumina Round Bottom, 18ml, 80x31x16mm18ml80x31x16mm3mmNo1pc/pk$13.00LBR18
(LBR20) Boat Alumina Round Bottom, 20ml, 100x30x20mm20ml100x30x20mm3mmNo1pc/pk$14.00LBR20
(LBR28) Boat Alumina Round Bottom, 28ml, 60x54x24mm28ml60x54x24mm4mmNo1pc/pk$16.00LBR28
(LBR36) Boat Alumina Round Bottom, 36ml, 100x40x25mm36ml100x40x25mm3mmNo1pc/pk$16.00LBR36
(LBR40) Boat Alumina Round Bottom, 40ml, 100x40x20mm40ml100x40x20mm3mmNo1pc/pk$16.00LBR40
(LBR60) Boat Alumina Round Bottom, 60ml, 100x50x30mm60ml100x50x30mm4mmNo1pc/pk$22.00LBR60
(LBR97) Boat Alumina Round Bottom, 97ml, 250x40x19mm97ml250x40x19mm4mmNo1pc/pk$60.00LBR97
(LBR110) Boat Alumina Round Bottom, 110ml, 100x65x30mm110ml100x65x30mm4mmNo1pc/pk$35.00LBR110
(LSA0.2) Boat Alumina Flat Bottom, 0.2ml without Hole, 27x7x6mm0.2ml27x7x6mm1.5mmNo5pcs/pk$16.00LSA0.2
(LSA0.7) Boat Alumina Flat Bottom, 0.7ml Double Hole, 44x11x7mm0.7ml44x11x7mm-No5pcs/pk$21.00LSA0.7
(LSA0.9) Boat Alumina Flat Bottom, 0.9ml Single Hole, 39x10x6.5mm0.9ml39x10x6.5mm-No5pcs/pk$21.00LSA0.9
(LSA1) Boat Alumina Flat Bottom, 1ml Single Hole, 40x10x7mm1ml40x10x7mm1.5mmNo5pcs/pk$21.00LSA1
(LSA1-9) Boat Alumina Flat Bottom, 1.9ml without Hole, 60x11x8mm1.9ml60x11x8mm1.5mmNo5pcs/pk$26.00LSA1-9
(LSA3-5) Boat Alumina Flat Bottom, 3.5ml without Hole, 77x13x8mm3.5ml77x13x8mm1.5mmNo5pcs/pk$26.00LSA3-5
(LSA3-5-2) Boat Alumina Flat Bottom, 3.5ml Single Hole, 77x13x8mm3.5ml77x13x8mm1.5mmNo5pcs/pk$26.00LSA3-5-2
(LSA5-5) Boat Alumina Flat Bottom, 5.5ml without Hole, 85x15x9mm5.5ml85x15x9mm1.5mmNo5pcs/pk$30.00LSA5-5
(LSA5-5-2) Boat Alumina Flat Bottom, 5.5ml Single Hole, 85x15x9mm5.5ml85x15x9mm1.5mmNo5pcs/pk$30.00LSA5-5-2
(LSA9) Boat Alumina Flat Bottom, 9ml without Hole, 100x18x12mm9ml100x18x12mm2mmNo5pcs/pk$35.00LSA9
(LSA9-2) Boat Alumina Flat Bottom, 9ml Single Hole, 100x18x12mm9ml100x18x12mm2mmNo5pcs/pk$35.00LSA9-2
(LSA36) Boat Alumina Flat Bottom, 36ml, 115x30x20mm36ml115x30x20mm3mmNo5pcs/pk$60.00LSA36
(LBF19) Boat Alumina Flat Bottom, 19ml, 100x24x1719ml100x24x17mm3mmNo5pcs/pk$47.00LBF19
(LBF24) Boat Alumina Flat Bottom, 24ml, 73x30x22mm24ml73x30x22mm3mmNo5pcs/pk$47.00LBF24
(LBF36) Boat Alumina Flat Bottom, 36ml, 100x27x27mm36ml100x27x27mm3.5mmNo5pcs/pk$58.00LBF36
(LBF60) Boat Alumina Flat Bottom, 60ml, 100x43x26mm60ml100x43x26mm3.5mmNo5pcs/pk$81.00LBF60
(LBF114) Boat Alumina Flat Bottom, 114ml, 100x56x35mm114ml100x56x35mm4mmNo1pc/pk$22.00LBF114
(LBF175) Boat Alumina Flat Bottom, 175ml, 100x84x35mm175ml100x84x35mm3.5mmNo1pc/pk$35.00LBF175
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